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Why Hiya’s Daily Iron+ for Kids Broke the Internet (2024)


Over the years, I’ve gotten a lot of comments and confusion about why Hiya’s multivitamin for ages 2+ doesn’t contain iron.

There are several reasons for that, and I’ll get to them, but I’m so excited that Hiya has finally developed a daily iron supplement for kids. It hit the internet by storm, and for good reason.

hiya glass bottle horizontal

Spoiler alert: it’s amazing, but don’t miss the highlights, a few tips, and a table comparison of Hiya against other top iron supplement brands, like Renzo’s.

TL;DR – The Verdict on Hiya’s Daily Iron+

If you’re short on time, let me give you the highlights upfront.

  • Intentionally separate: The iron is separate from the kid’s multivitamin because zinc and calcium can hinder the absorption of iron.
  • Tastes amazing: Unlike all other brands I’ve tried, there’s no awful metallic aftertaste – it tastes like strawberries! A true feat.
  • Chewable: The chewable format helps with iron absorption and prevents choking.
  • 0g sugar: Not filled with added sugars or gummy junk.
  • Gentle on tummies: The formula uses carbonyl iron for stomach comfort, reducing side effects.
  • The Verdict: Hiya’s Iron supplement for kids ages 2+ is a fantastic option, if not the highest quality option, on the market. Renzo’s is a close second, but there are a few cons you should consider.
hiya reusable glass bottle

411 on Iron for Kids

Did you know iron deficiency is the most common nutritional deficiency among kids worldwide?

Iron deficiency doesn’t just make our kids tired and fatigued. It’s also terrible for their growth and brain development.

I’ve personally been iron deficient probably more often than not, and it just gives you this feeling of grogginess – not something you wish on your kids who are trying to learn and develop each day.

full bottle of hiya iron for kids

Iron deficiency can also cause:

  • Pale skin
  • Weakness
  • Lack of energy/fatigue
  • Poor appetite
  • Shortness of breath
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Frequent respiratory and intestinal infections
  • Behavioral and cognitive delays

Getting enough iron is also apparently really important for kids going through puberty. But I’m not quite there yet, and not in a hurry to rush to that stage!

What Makes Hiya Daily Iron+ Different

Hiya continues to be our family’s favorite vitamin brand, as their whole lineup of products has the following benefits:

  • No added sugars: Hiya sweetens their chewable with a blend of monk fruit extract and mannitol derived from pumpkins and strawberries.
  • Eco-friendly packaging: You get a sleek, refillable glass bottle with your first order that the kids get to jazz up with a sticker pack; plus, a refill pouch is delivered right to your doorstep every month.
  • Suitable for ages 2+: You have to wait until age 4 for some other iron supplements.
lineup of hiya kids supplements

You can read any of my other Hiya product reviews if you want more details.

Let’s get into what specifically sets Hiya’s Daily Iron+ apart from other iron supplements.

Chewables > Gummies

All of Hiya’s products are chewable tablets that have a texture similar to a SweeTART or Tums.

all of hiyas supplements for kids in my hand
All of Hiya’s supplements for kids; top left: bedtime; top right: iron; bottom left: multivitamin; bottom right: probiotic

I’ve always preferred this, particularly around age 2, when my toddlers seem to be choking on anything and everything. Plus, you know Hiya’s vitamins won’t have any of that gummy ingredient junk in them.

But in this case, it’s not just about texture preferences. There’s actually some science behind why a chewable texture is a better choice for iron absorption.

iron tablets inside hiya refill pouch
Inside of the refill pouch

Because of stability issues, gummies may struggle to effectively support the iron in them.

By choosing a chewable texture instead of a gummy option, Hiya’s ensuring our kids get the full amount of iron they’re meant to. They always pay close attention to details like this, which is why I trust them wholeheartedly!

hiya logo with iron supplement over the i

Doesn’t Taste Like Iron

I’m not kidding when I say some iron supplements can taste like you’re licking a rusty nail. I’ve tried the Flintstones vitamins with iron, and they’re downright awful.

I was pleasantly surprised that the Hiya iron chewables have almost zero iron taste. I can’t believe they’ve masked the taste so well. They taste like strawberries.

hiya bottle with refill packet

Most importantly, my kids love the taste, so I never have to fight them to take it.

Designed for Optimal Absorption

Some nutrients like zinc and calcium can actually hinder the absorption of iron.

Since regular multivitamins usually include both, bundling extra iron with a multivitamin is not the best idea.

That’s one of the reasons Hiya never put iron in their multivitamin, and it’s also why they’ve crafted their Daily Iron+ as a standalone supplement for kids who need it.

hiya iron refill packet

Other actives, like vitamin C, help support iron absorption. So Hiya has included 25mg of it in every dose. They even use better forms of vitamin C than most other brands.

For maximum iron absorption, Hiya suggests you give them to your kids two hours after a meal or a multivitamin that may include zinc or calcium.

another view of hiya iron glass bottle

That will make sure nothing interferes with the absorption of iron, allowing your little ones to reap the full benefits of their supplement.

Gentle on Little Tummies

Iron is not exactly known to be gentle on the stomach. I think a lot of parents are hesitant to give it to their kids because they’re afraid it will constipate them. It can also cause heartburn, nausea, diarrhea, and stomach cramps.

But Hiya uses carbonyl iron, a special kind of iron known for being gentle on kids’ stomachs.

bottle of hiya iron tablets

Plus, carbonyl iron may also help minimize the risk of iron poisoning, which can be a serious problem if you give your kids too much iron.

Hiya Daily Iron+ Ingredients

The 2 key ingredients in Hiya Daily Iron+ are:

  • Carbonyl Iron
  • Vitamin C (from aceroa fruit and calcium ascorbate)
hiya supplement facts

As I mentioned, carbonyl iron is easy on kids’ tummies, and the vitamin C helps the body absorb the iron more efficiently.

Other ingredients include mannitol, monk fruit extract, plant cellulose blend, coconut oil powder, vegetable stearic acid, natural flavors and color (beet root), organic bamboo extract, vegetable magnesium stearate, and citric acid.

Hiya vs Other Kids’ Iron Supplements

Here’s a quick rundown comparing Hiya Daily Iron+ with some other popular kids’ iron supplements.

Some brands have different serving sizes per container, depending on age, and the amount of iron in each serving seems to vary quite a bit.

A child typically needs under 15mg of iron daily, so it’s concerning that some of these brands put more than that in the formula—I’d steer clear of those.

I would highly suggest talking to your pediatrician to determine how much iron you should be giving. 

Age range
Added sugar
Sustainable Packaging?
$30 for 30 servings
7 mg Carbonyl Iron
25mg Calcium ascorbate & acerola fruit
$19.99 for 45-90 servings
9 mg Carbonyl Iron
25mg ascorbic acid
“melty” tabs
$35.96 for 30-90 servings
6mg bioavailable Ferrochel
$13.99 for 90-180 servings
18mg Ferrous sulfate
25mg ascorbic acid
$17.55 for 90 servings
18 mg Elemental Iron
30mg ascorbic acid
4 and under
$23 for 120 servings
15 mg Elemental Iron
liquid drops
$17.99 for 45 servings
10 mg Farric saccharate
26mg ascorbic acid

Hiya’s Iron vs Renzo’s Iron

After comparing Hiya’s iron supplement to the other options on the market, the closest competition is Renzo’s Iron Supplement for Kids. The price is better, and it includes Carbonyl Iron, just like Hiya.

One problem with Renzo’s supplement is the iron taste is very potent and offputting. But because of the cost savings, it’s worth trying both Hiya and Renzo’s to see which one your child prefers.

Another difference between Hiya and Renzo’s is the type of vitamin C included. Most vitamins use ascorbic acid, but Hiya doesn’t. They use a combination of two distinct forms, which are both known to support a variety of health benefits.

The final difference is sustainability. Hiya provides a free glass bottle you can refill each month with recyclable vitamin packets.

Renzo’s is a new plastic bottle each month.

Your first bottle of Hiya is 50% off with this link, bringing the price down to just $15. And your first bottle of Renzo’s is $19.99. I’d suggest testing out both to see which one your child prefers.

While the price of Renzo’s is tempting, I’m personally one of those crazy people who would be disturbed if our child’s vitamin bottle lineup was disrupted.

hiya supplements in our kitchen aesthetically lined up

Please tell me someone else can relate…

Final Thoughts

Hiya got it right again with their Daily Iron+ that our kids get excited to take.

If you want a reliable iron supplement from a brand that you can trust is putting the well-being of your little one first, I highly recommend giving Hiya a try.

hiya iron refill packets with the glass bottle

And if you’re not quite as picky about your vitamin choice, Renzo’s is a very close second with a comparable product at a slightly lower price. Hiya is cheaper for your first month, so I believe it’s worthwhile to try both.

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