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30 Gift Ideas Under $25 for Moms Who Love to Cook

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Looking for gift ideas ideal for moms who love to cook, but you don’t want to break the bank? Or perhaps you’d rather get several low-dollar items and put together a cooking-themed gift basket!

You’re in luck because I am a working mom with two young children, and I love cooking. If a friend or family member gifted any of these kitchen items to me, I would be ecstatic. In fact, some were, and I couldn’t live without them now! 

You can trust my gift recommendations because I own every item on this list (except #30, but I have an equivalent).

I use these cooking items all the time. And most of these cooking recommendations are available on Amazon (my fav!!). So, instead of guessing what the moms in your life would love, take my word for it.

Without further ado, this is truly your ultimate gift-giving guide for moms who love to cook – and everything is under $25!

1. Clip-on Pasta Strainer

Price at time of writing: $13.99

I’m not saying you should throw away your colander, but the clip-on pasta strainer has changed my life.

Clip-on pasta strainer gift idea

I hate using cookware that doesn’t fit in the dishwasher. I get that I can’t avoid that all the time, but the colander is the worst offender. You pretty much can’t fit the pot and the calendar in the dishwasher. You’re either running the dishwasher twice or hand-washing something. With the clip-on pasta strainer, not anymore!

As a working mom with two kids under three years old, every tiny time-saving hack matters. The clip-on pasta strainer does way too many incredible things:

  1. The little clip fits right in the dishwasher.
  2. There’s one less oversized item to hand-wash.
  3. My sink is often full of other dishes (don’t judge), and making room for a big colander is frustrating.
  4. I can keep the noodles in the same pot they boiled in, making it easy to keep them warm before serving dinner.
  5. I can grab it with one hand, a significant help when my 1-year-old demands to be held at all times (seriously).
Clip on pasta strainer in action

I get it – some of this may sound like… well, not a big deal. But all the little things come together to be such a stress relief. It makes cooking pasta an absolute breeze.

The clip-on pasta strainer I’m in love with is from Chef’s Planet, and it’s less than $15 on Amazon!

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2. J.A. Henckels Kitchen Shears

Price at time of writing: $16.13

Most scissors in my life have either disappeared with all the missing socks or been ruined (typically by me, I’ll admit it).

However, the J.A. Henckels kitchen shears are a serious exception. These are super sharp, and you can take them apart easily for cleaning. I use these for anything and everything.

Cutting stems on floral bouquets (thanks, hubby!), cutting herbs, breaking down a whole chicken, cutting off chicken wing tips, and “toddler-izing” foods – these are just a few examples of the many ways I use those shears. And I use them almost every day – that’s the sign of an absolute kitchen necessity.

I didn’t know it was possible to be so excited about kitchen shears (I guess I’m officially an adult now), but I bought like five pairs of these for future gift-giving.

OK, I checked my Amazon history, and I ordered one for myself, and the next day I ordered four more for future gifts. I was close.

Kitchen shears gift idea for moms who love to cook

These shears are an incredible price for the quality, and I didn’t even realize the center part was a bottle opener, nut cracker, and screw crap opener until someone else pointed it out to me!

We also own their entire knife set, which is fabulous, but it doesn’t fit in this price range. However, pick up the shears – I don’t know why they’re so inexpensive, because this is a high-priced brand!

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3. Small Citrus Juicer

Price at time of writing: $9.99

So, I have a fancy juicer, but it’s such a pain to haul out and clean up after. Even for bigger juicing jobs, I find myself reaching for this little citrus juicer from OXO.

Citrus juicer idea for working moms who like cooking

I was first introduced to it by Molly from Bon Appetit – she used it in a caesar salad recipe. 

Sidenote: I have a terrible memory, but I do remember this because I made that caesar salad, and it was incredible. You should seriously try it. 

I bought this juicer for that recipe, and I’ve used it for everything from marinades to vinaigrettes since. I love the little measuring lines on the side because a lot of recipes call for 2-3 TB of lemon juice, and you never know how much juice will be in your lemon. So simple and easy.

Plus, it’s small, so it doesn’t take up too much space in the cabinet (unlike the massive Breville juicer, which we had to exile from the kitchen and move to the laundry room).

For just under $10, this juicer is a fantastic gift idea for the moms in your life.

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4. Lodge Miniature Cast Iron Skillets

Price at the time of writing: $9.99

When it comes to cast iron skillets, Lodge is the brand to beat. While most moms who love to cook probably have a lodge cast iron skillet, they may not have the miniature version.

These are awesome for individual cast iron breakfast skillets – we love putting breakfast potatoes, sausage, a fried egg, cheese, avocado, and sour cream in ours. We got the idea from the restaurant Society Table at the Don Cesar in St. Pete Beach, FL. Their breakfast skillet includes andouille sausage, sweet potato, poached eggs, and red pepper cream. It’s to die for, and they’re served right in the mini cast iron skillets.

Mini cast iron skillets

The small cast iron skillets are also fantastic for baked chocolate chip cookies. We love the Martha Stewart skillet cookie recipe because you just stir everything in one bowl, transfer it to the skillet, and bake! It’s especially good when it’s warm and you top with vanilla ice cream!

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5. Microplane

Price at the time of writing: $16.48

Before I bought myself a Microplane, I honestly thought it was a tool only fancy chefs used. Then, I saw some cooking videos where it was used to zest lemons, shave butter, and grate parmesan, and I decided to get one.

Microplane gift idea for inexpensive budget

I’m pretty surprised at how often I use it. I cook meals almost every day, and I find myself grabbing this all the time for grating ginger and garlic and zesting citrus.

I also used it to shave butter when I tried out a family recipe for Depression Water Pie (not as bad as we all thought it’d be!).

I feel like this is one of the perfect gifts for moms who love to cook, but it’s not something you’d probably buy for yourself (though I did), yet you’d be thrilled to have it. I have the Microplane brand and love it.

10 out of 10!

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6. Toss and Chop Salad Tongs

Price at the time of writing: $17.85

When you order a salad from a restaurant, it always seems better than the salad you make at home.

I’m not the only one, am I?

I’m telling you right now that these toss and chop salad tongs bridge the gap. They make homemade salads taste just as good as the restaurant stuff by chopping up the lettuce small so the dressing can evenly coat it.

I first learned about this from YouTuber Alexandrea Garza, and I am forever grateful. 

This is another item I might not have bought for myself had Alex not convinced me, but I would be super excited to get it as a gift!

Salad choppers

And yes, you can technically use a regular knife to chop up the salad, but it’s so much easier to do it straight in the bowl. No salad is flying everywhere, and everything is contained. 

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7. Crio Bru Brewed Cacao

Price at the time of writing: $13.95

If the mom in your life loves to drink coffee, this gift is a slam dunk.

It’s ground cacao (chocolate), and you brew it like coffee. Without cream and sugar, it tastes like a smooth, chocolatey coffee. It’s amazing.

With cream and sugar, it takes like a grown-up version of hot chocolate. My personal favorite is the Ecuador French Roast.

Crio Bru gift idea for mamas
Photo credit: Amazon product listing (linked below)

All the people in my life are obsessed with this one, and it’s kind of expensive, so I don’t always keep it on hand. It’s one of those special treats that are perfect for gift giving.

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8. Air Popcorn Popper Machine

We love popcorn for a late-night snack, but doing it on the stovetop is a bit complicated, and I’m not a huge fan of the microwave stuff, because it contains extra garbage you don’t need.

When my husband’s parents gifted us an air popper, I was excited to try it out. Now, it’s a staple!

Air popper gift idea

You buy popcorn kernels from your grocery store, and you’re in complete control of what goes on them. You can add butter and salt (my hubby’s fave), or you can try some unique recipes.

Air popper gift idea for moms

One of my favorites is spraying pickle juice on the hot popcorn and then adding dried dill. Sounds weird, I know, but it’s essentially dill pickle chips in popcorn form – delicious and super low calorie!

I couldn’t find the exact one we have on Amazon (it’s pretty old), but ours looks just like the one from Dash.

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9. Williams Sonoma Classic Kitchen Towels

Price at the time of writing: $24.36

When I first came across the Williams Sonoma kitchen towels, I did think they were a little pricey. But they have held up wonderfully – they’re my favorite kitchen towels by far.

Kitchen towel gift idea for moms

They’re thick, they’re durable, and they’ve stood the test of time. I use them for everything from drying dishes to covering rising bread loaves to squeezing grated potatoes for hash browns. 

High-quality kitchen towels are always a welcome gift, but for moms who love to cook, they’re essential!

We have the navy stripes, which I love for our farmhouse-themed home. But there are several colors to choose from!

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10. Spoon Spatula from KitchenAid

Price at the time of writing: $9.99

Best spoon spatula for moms who like cooking

If you’ve been using a regular spatula, you’ll be quickly converted by the superior spoon spatula. I use it almost every time I cook a meal, and it is so much more helpful than your regular, flat spatula.

The slightly spoonish shape makes a world of difference.

I’m aware of how geeky this sounds, but there is no other utensil in my kitchen I love as dearly as this spoon spatula.

You’re just going to have to take my word for it. I used the KitchenAid spoon spatula for three years straight, and it’s finally ready to be replaced. The handle’s design has changed since I first bought it in 2018, but I can confirm that the quality is equally impressive.

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11. Le Parfait French Glass Jar with Airtight Seal

Price at time of writing: $17.90

When I hunt for gifts, I’m always looking for high-quality items that someone wouldn’t buy for themselves. The stuff you know would be amazing, but you think it’s just a littttle too pricey to buy for yourself.

The Le Parfait glass jars fit that description perfectly.

I don’t think there is a superior glass jar on the market, and it’s incredibly versatile.

Does the mom in your life love grinding her own coffee beans? The Le Parfait jar is perfect for keeping whole coffee beans airtight. Does she enjoy making homemade yogurt? Also ideal. What about pickling? I think you see where this is going…

The 32 oz (quart) jar size is the perfect size for all the ideas mentioned above.

Le Parfait glass jars gift idea

These jars are fantastic. I don’t have a ton of them, because again, they’re expensive. But they hold up, and they keep food fresher, longer.

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12. Icing Tips & Disposable Piping Bags

Icing tips price at time of writing: $8.99

Piping bags price at time of writing: $17.99

For the moms out there who love to bake, icing tips make a world of difference. You can pipe icing onto cupcakes and birthday cakes, but it’s also helpful for other things like deviled eggs or fancy mashed potatoes.

Stay-at-home mom perspective: This is a gift idea mama bear two endorses. I don’t have these, but I would LOVE them as a gift!  It’s an item you wouldn’t necessarily buy for yourself, especially if you’re on a tight budget. Any stay-at-home mom who is baking their own homemade cakes and cupcakes would have such fun with these!

I decided to buy a set of icing tips and piping bags after watching CupcakeJemma on YouTube. She taught me how to make icing and cupcakes and cakes, and for that, I am very grateful! 

Icing tips and piping bags gift idea

One word of caution: I don’t recommend reusable piping bags. The tips I bought came with some, and I thought it was a genius idea because I try to avoid single-use plastics whenever I can.

However, reusable piping bags are impossible to clean. Buttercream icing is greasy, and if you add color to it, your kitchen will be a wreck after trying to get these things clean. As a working mom, my hours are limited, and I can’t fathom spending half an hour trying to clean these piping bags when I can just use a disposable one and toss it when I’m done.

Piping bag ready to go

I don’t pipe things that often, so it’s not like I’m throwing out disposable bags left and right. And when I do need to make cupcakes or a birthday cake for one of my kiddos, the job is mess-free. I’m still on my first roll of disposable piping bags, and I’ve had it for over three years.

Strangely enough, I think this is an excellent gift for new moms. It makes the whole first birthday party experience fun because you have the tools you need to make a perfect birthday cake. 

Icing tips for my son's birthday
Icing tips for my daughter's birthday

Buy Icing Tips

Buy Disposable Piping Bags

13. Hard-boiled Egg Cooker

Price at time of writing: $19.99

I’m always skeptical of kitchen items that only do one thing. For example, I’ll never buy something like an avocado slicer – I can use my knife for that. When we were gifted an egg cooker, my first thought was that it wasn’t necessary because you can make hard-boiled eggs on the stove.

But boy, was I wrong. Our egg cooker is one of our most-used kitchen tools. 

It’s small, so it’s not a huge deal to store, and making hard-boiled eggs is almost entirely hands-off. All you do is add water, poke the top of the egg, and press the button. It’s amazing.

Egg cooker
Photo credit: Amazon product listing (linked below)

When I don’t plan ahead and have nothing prepared for breakfast, I always know I can have hard-boiled eggs ready in a few minutes without any fuss. Plus, my daughter loves them (although she calls them dinosaur eggs).

The best part of having our egg cooker is it allows me to have a healthy, protein-rich snack without any time or effort, which makes this an excellent gift for any busy mom. Hard-boiled eggs are especially good with some flaky sea salt – see my next gift idea!

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14. Fleur De Sel Sea Salt

Price at time of writing: $9.30

Flaky sea salt, also called finishing salt or fleur de sel sea salt, is soooo good. My three favorite ways to use it are on steaks fresh off the grill, hard-boiled eggs, and chocolate chip cookies.

It’s also perfect for making homemade caramel – sprinkle this stuff on, and you have the most delicious sea salted caramel ever.

Fancy sea salt

Fleur de sel sea salt is expensive when it comes to salt, making it a perfect gift idea. It’s still well within our $25 budget, and I think it’d be awesome in a cooking-themed gift basket. Add some fancy jams and some candied jalapenos (SO good), and you’re all set!

I bought ours at our local EarthFare grocery store, but most grocery stores should have it. You can also pick some up on Amazon.

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15. Kitchen Drawer Organizers

Price at the time of writing: $10.86

Next time you visit the mom in your life, check her kitchen drawers. If it’s filled with utensils and mismatched measuring cups, these drawer dividers will change. her. life.

These dividers allowed me to organize the pullout drawers in my kitchen so I know where things are. I’ve always loved the concept of “everything should have a place,” and these dividers make it possible.

Drawer organizers gift idea for mothers

They fit in the drawers at our last house and our new one, and the drawers are completely different sizes. You can mix and match the pieces, so there’s no need to measure anything, which is super nice!

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16. Lazy Susans for Pantry Organization

Price at the time of writing: $24.99

As long as we’re talking about getting organized, I have to mention these lazy susans. (They really should be called something else because the Susans in my life are anything but lazy! 😉

Lazy susan turntable

I use them for baking ingredients and pantry condiments, but you could use them for anything. I see people use them in their bathroom for makeup and skincare, and I’ve seen them used in kid’s rooms to organize crafts. They’re so versatile, and I promise you this: you can’t have too many.

Turntable demo

So, if you’re worried the mom in your life already has some of these, trust me: she’ll accept more, gladly. They’re awesome.

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17. Bench Scraper

Price at the time of writing: $12.63

When I first came across a bench scraper, it was in the context of baking sourdough bread. I went through a whole stage of sourdough when my husband and I had our first daughter. I even had my own starter (which I nurtured from scratch), and I made several attempts at making my own sourdough bread from it.

After way too much money spent on rye flour and several failed attempts, I eventually gave up on it. 

However, what I didn’t give up on was a love for that dang bench scraper. I still use it for bread-making, but it’s the perfect utensil for scraping up ingredients while you’re cooking.

My 1-year-old son gets a bit moody around dinnertime, and he demands to be held. I think a lot of moms out there can relate to this. I typically find myself putting dinner together with one hand. I’ve found innovative ways to chop vegetables and pick things up, and the bench scraper has been a true friend during this stage of life. For example, I can chop up an onion and scrape it all up to put in a pot – all with one hand!

Bench scraper
Photo credit: Amazon product listing (linked below)

And yes, it’s still handy when you’re cooking with two hands. It makes the entire process faster. I couldn’t live without it.

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18. Freshpaper Food Saver Sheets

Price at the time of writing: $17.99

Before I learned about meal prepping, I’d just shop the grocery store’s aisles and pick up whatever looked decent. That usually included a lot of fruits and veggies, which I had every intention of eating.

But of course, a week and a half later, I found myself cleaning out the fridge and tossing a ton of spoiled tomatoes and zucchini.

While those days are long gone, I still find myself wishing my fresh produce lasted a bit longer. I was gifted these freshpaper food saver sheets from my mother-in-law, and they make a difference! 

Food saver sheets gift idea

You just toss one in the produce drawer in your fridge, and everything makes it a few days longer than it would’ve on its own. 

At its low price point, it’s another one of those small items ideal for a themed gift basket. It’s perfect for moms who are in charge of grocery shopping!

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19. IKEA Garlic Press

Price at the time of writing: $11.25

I’m an avid subscriber of America’s Test Kitchen – I love their product reviews, and I’ve learned a ton about cooking through their show. But I was a little conflicted when their recommended garlic press was nearly $50. I’m not afraid to splurge on an item that’s high-quality and makes life easier – and I may get it one day – but it was a little too much for me right now.

Then, one of their cooks was doing a recipe from home, and she was using a different garlic press. I later discovered through my detective work that it was an IKEA garlic press, and the mechanics of it were far superior to the garlic press I had at home.

My issue was twofold:

  1. My current garlic press required a ton of physical effort to press the garlic fully.
  2. Half the garlic squeezed out the wrong part of the press!

It was hard to use and inefficient at doing its only job. At such a low price point, I decided to try that IKEA garlic press, and I’m a huge fan.

It requires minimal physical effort, and the way it’s shaped allows it to press the garlic fully – no big pieces left behind.

IKEA garlic press
Photo credit: Amazon product listing (linked below)

Now, I will warn you – I’ve had it for about 11 months, and it’s starting to show some signs of wear. I’m not completely surprised by that, given the brand name behind it, but I’d repurchase it for how efficient at garlic pressing it is.

It’s a fabulous gift idea for far under $25, and it’s one of my most-used kitchen items.

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20. Plastic Stemless Wine Glasses

Price at the time of writing: $24.95

Using glassware in a home with two young children and friends prone to breaking things (you know who you are!) is not practical. You’re always on edge that the glass will shatter at any moment. That sounds like a metaphor for a midlife crisis…

Anyway, we love these plastic wine glasses. We use them just like regular glasses (it doesn’t have to be for wine!), and they’ve held up well. We had a different brand before, but it wasn’t thick plastic, and it has cracks all along the rim. Here’s a side-by-side so you can see what I mean:

Plastic wine glasses gift idea for mothers

We also have an outdoor pool, so we always use them there to avoid an unpleasant accident. They make for great gifts, and I can vouch for this particular brand!

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21. Porcelain Ramekins

Price at the time of writing (for 6): $13.50

I feel like ramekins aren’t talked about much in the culinary world, but they are so convenient! When I came across several recipes that required them, I decided to buy a set.

Porcelain ramekins gift idea

My favorite ways to use our porcelain ramekins are for individual flourless chocolate cake (my fav!!) and eggs for use in breakfast sandwiches (bacon, egg, and cheese on a croissant is so good).

For whatever reason, I didn’t own ramekins until I bought them for myself – I’m not sure if that’s everyone else’s experience, but if so, it’s a great gift idea. Plus, I bought mine in a set of 6, so even if someone gifted them to me, I’d still be over-the-moon excited! It’s one of those gifts where you don’t have to worry if the person already has them. You can always use another set.

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22. Scrub Daddy Sponges

Price at the time of writing (for 4): $14.99

Don’t even get me started with these sponges. They are awesome.

If you’ve ever watched Shark Tank, you’ve probably seen the classic infomercial pitch for these, and everything they demonstrated is spot-on. They’re that good.

Scrub daddy sponges gift ideas

We love these in our home, but you do need to replace them after a while. It’s another great gift idea for moms who love to cook because even if you have them, you can always use more.

Plus, if the mom you’re shopping for doesn’t have these, they will be a convert. Trust me. They’re awesome.

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23. Le Creuset Felt Pan Protectors

Price at the time of writing: $16.95

I didn’t even know we needed felt pan protectors until we got these as a gift. Nonstick pans are especially prone to getting beaten up (especially around the edges), and these protectors have helped ours stay scratch-free.

Felt pan protectors

I know nonstick pans will eventually need to be replaced, but these protectors help give them a shot at a longer life. We love them!

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24. Anchor Hocking Batter Bowl

Price at the time of writing: $21.94

When you make batter in a glass bowl, the most annoying part is transferring it to the final vessel. Whether it’s banana bread batter that’s going into loaf pans or pancake batter going into a skillet, the pouring part is a pain!

I finally decided to buy this anchor hocking batter bowl, and it’s now the most-used bowl in my kitchen. I love how the sides are a bit taller than my standard glass bowl set, and I can pour things out of it, including liquid. It’s ideal for big batches of homemade chicken stock for that reason!

Anchor hocking batter bowl
Photo credit: Amazon product listing (linked below)

A really fun gift idea for moms who love cooking would be this bowl, a whisk, and some pancake mix. *chef’s kiss!*

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25. Magnetic Knife Holder for the Wall

Price at the time of writing: $15.99

We have a knife block set, but we also have some other knives we’ve bought. They don’t fit in the block set, so we used to put them in the utensils drawer. I’ve cut myself before reaching for one, but I wasn’t sure where else to put them!

When I came across this magnetic knife holder, I was a convert. The knives are closer to where you cook, it’s a perfect home for them, and it’s ideal if you have more knives than your knife block can fit. It also looks nice!

Magnetic knife holder gift

The only caveat is they come in different sizes, and I had to measure our cabinet’s side to make sure it would fit. We have standard-sized cabinets, so to be on the safe side, you could buy the one we got, which is 10 inches wide.

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26. Bar Keeper’s Friend Soft Cleaner for Stainless Steel Pans

Price at the time of writing (for 4, best deal): $19.99

Cleaning supplies might sound like a bizarre gift, but Bar Keeper’s friend is a valid exception. It’s the only cleaner that brings my All-Clad stainless steel cookware back to life. It makes my electric cooktop sparkle. It does wonders for our stainless steel fridge, dishwasher, and microwave. 

Bar Keeper's friend

Anyone out there who has anything stainless steel knows it – this stuff is fantastic.

I’d be psyched to get this as a gift, and because it’s so inexpensive, it’s another great addition to a kitchen-themed gift basket. 

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27. Popsicle Molds

Price at the time of writing: $17.99

Popsicle molds might be more of a gift for the kids, but moms who love cooking will probably enjoy making homemade popsicles! I know I do. It’s super easy, you’re saving money by doing it yourself, and you don’t have to worry about any junk ingredients like preservatives, food dyes, or other random chemicals. 

Another huge bonus is the kids love them when they’re teething. They buy you a little quiet time, especially while you’re waiting for the Tylenol to kick in and relieve their pain.

It’s fun to experiment with different juices, and my husband loves it when we make creamsicles.

We love the Zoku popsicle molds – they were the top pick from America’s Test Kitchen, so we trusted their review and purchased them. No complaints! The parts are easy to clean, and they’re frozen separately, so it’s easy to take one out, run it under warm water, and pop out your popsicle from the mold.

Popsicle molds
Yes, we’re missing one. #momlife

Overall, it’s a great gift idea for moms who love experimenting in the kitchen!

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28. OXO Magnetic Measuring Cups and Measuring Spoons

Price at the time of writing: $19.99 for the cups; $28.99 for the set of cups and spoons

Measuring cups and measuring spoons are a kitchen staple, which is why it’s so crazy that I was using horrible ones for so many years.

I had two sets – one from my college days and another that my husband brought into our marriage. Both are horrible in different ways. My red set is misshapen (I don’t know how that happened), and all of the numbers have worn off. And my husband’s metal measuring cups have a thin handle that bends. Plus, you can’t fill up the smaller measuring cups and set them on the counter because they tip over.

Measuring cups for moms
Gift ideas for moms who love cooking

I’ve been battling these for years now, and for what reason? When I found the OXO magnetic measuring cups, all of my daily annoyances went away. They’re sturdy, don’t bend, and stick together in the drawer (since they’re magnetic). The measuring spoons are equally awesome.

A great gift is either something you’ve always wanted or a significant upgrade to something you already have. These measuring cups and spoons are a major upgrade – I highly recommend them! 

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29. Mini Waffle Maker

Price at the time of writing: $9.99

OK, so this is an item I didn’t already own before writing this article. However, I’ve always wanted it, so I decided to purchase it for myself. If I’ve always wanted it, chances are the moms in your life might feel the same way.

I had one thought in mind when purchasing this mini waffle maker: make waffles in bulk and freeze them for quick breakfasts for the kids. It might also come in handy if I had enough time to whip up a quick batter and make some waffles on a busy morning. 

I never seem to have enough time to make breakfast, so this seemed like a great addition to add to my arsenal of options.

I also thought my two-year-old would have fun making the batter with me. Finally, I’d rather have control over the ingredients in my waffles versus buying the stuff from the store. (It has vegetable oil and dextrose in it, for example.)

Alas, I purchased one and gave it a try.

Waffle maker idea for moms

And I love it! I whipped up waffles for the kids in about 20 minutes. Totally recommend! A fun gift would be a breakfast-themed gift basket with this waffle maker and maybe some pre-made pancake/waffle mix in a cute mason jar.

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30. Milk Frother

Price at the time of writing: $17.95

Last but certainly not least is a gift idea for moms who love Starbucks and other fancy coffee drinks – a milk frother.

Full disclosure: I don’t own a standalone milk frother. However, I have one as a part of my Keurig, and I love using it to make lattes and cappuccinos from home. 

I’ve watched enough videos and read enough reviews to offer a recommendation, which is the Zulay original milk frother. It’s the top pick on many review sites and has nearly 50,000 positive Amazon reviews at the time of this writing.

Milk frother
Photo credit: Amazon product listing (linked below)

It’d pair well with the Crio Bru recommendation (#7) – a gift pair made in heaven!

Buy Now


There you have it – I’ve rounded up 30 of the best cooking gifts for all kinds of moms. Whether you’re shopping for first-time moms, busy working moms, or stay-at-home moms, this gift guide should have you covered.

What inexpensive cooking-themed gift ideas would you recommend? Let us know in the comment section below!

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