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Why 65% of Babies Love the BABYBJÖRN Bouncer

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The BABYBJÖRN bouncer costs an arm and a leg (OK, about $200) and is shockingly simple. No buttons, no rocking, no white noise… just this ergonomically designed, floating chair.

Why on earth, then, is it beloved by 65% of babies¹ and raved about as one of the best baby purchases you can make? 

2-baby in baby bjorn

I’ve asked hundreds of moms their opinion and am sharing my own after many months with this high-end baby contraption. I’m here to answer, once and for all: is the BABYBJÖRN Bouncer worth it?

What Is the BABYBJÖRN Bouncer?

The BABYBJÖRN bouncer is a battery-free, ergonomic bouncer for newborns (8 lb) through approximately age two (29 lb).

The design of the “floating” chair provides gentle, natural bouncing. The bouncer also provides proper neck and back support, so even newborns can relax in here while mom and dad get things done. The fitted fabric seat distributes weight evenly, so baby is completely supported and comfortable.

Once babies can really start moving and engaging with the bouncing feature, that movement stimulates their balance and motor skills.

4-baby in baby bjorn

You should note that BABYBJÖRN only recommends the bouncing feature up to 20 lb. From 20-29 lb, they recommend flipping the fabric cover over and using the bouncer as a chair.

baby bjorn as a chair

There are three different height positions (the uppermost position is our favorite), and you can also fold it flat for transport. Travel bags and other accessories are sold separately.

How Many Babies Actually Love the BABYBJÖRN Bouncer?

Like all expensive baby items, you’ll have parents who swear by them and parents who despise them. After 5 months of use, I’m a firm believer in this bouncer’s magic, but I’m just one mom of thousands.

6-baby loving baby bjorn

I decided to consult with other moms in the best way I know how: Facebook. I polled one of my favorite mom groups and asked them to vote on whether their baby loves this bouncer, is neutral about it, or can’t stand it.

Here were my findings based on 439 total votes:

  • 65% of moms said their babies also love this bouncer or think it’s magic.
  • 29% of moms said their baby seems kind of neutral about the bouncer.
  • Only 6% of moms said their baby can’t stand it.
Baby Bjorn pie chart

So, there is a chance your baby could hate the bouncer, but odds are, you’ll become a fan in no time.

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Why Do Babies Love the BABYBJÖRN Bouncer?

There are a couple of reasons I believe babies love the BABYBJÖRN bouncer. I’ll just start with the most bizarre one.

1. The Angle Helps Them Go No. 2.

I’ll just say what all the other BABYBJÖRN bouncer moms are thinking: this thing will make your baby have a diaper blowout.

baby bjorn no 2-2

It must be the angle or just how darn comfortable they are, but about half the time I lift my baby out of this bouncer, I discover a messy surprise. If you have a constipated baby, get this bouncer. I’m so serious.

2. The Self-Soothing Ergonomics

Probably the most obvious reason babies love this bouncer is the feedback they get when they move. The ergonomics of this bouncer cause it to rock when your baby kicks their feet, starts to fuss, or wriggles around. 

They can basically self-soothe when they start flailing, giving us a few extra moments to finish our tasks and attend to them.

3. No Overstimulation

Babies are particularly susceptible to overstimulation. Too many noises, flashing lights, and movements can cause sensory overload and make them fussy. 

3-baby in baby bjorn

And honestly, I can relate. Have you ever entered some major traffic on the highway and immediately had to turn off the radio?!

The BABYBJÖRN bouncer is basically the opposite of flashy, battery-powered bouncers. Its beauty is in its simplicity. The lack of buttons, lights, and noises is actually calming for babies. They still get movement, but it’s that immediate feedback to their own movements, which is super relaxing.

Why Do Moms Love the BABYBJÖRN Bouncer?

I mean, we love the bouncer because our babies love it. But there are a few other nice perks.

1. Simple to Move Around

Some baby bouncers need to be folded up or you have to unplug them and wrap up the cord. The BABYBJÖRN is dead simple: just pick it up and move it. There are no cords to manage, and while you can fold it flat, it’s pretty compact as it is. Unless we’re traveling, I have no need to fold it in order to move it around the house.

It’s also lightweight, so I can move it to another room of the house with only one hand (and a baby on my other hip).

2. Easy to Clean

If you get this bouncer, your baby WILL have a blowout diaper in it within the first 7 days. Just count on it. And when that happens, you’ll slide off the washable cover, pop it in the washing machine, let it dry, and slide it back on.

Thank heavens this baby contraption is easy to clean. 

Plus, you can buy additional covers separately, and they’re all machine washable, regardless of which fabric style you go for. I haven’t needed to buy a second one because I’m diligent about washing it right after an accident, but it would be nice to have a backup!

3. Frees Up Our Hands

This bouncer gives us another hands-free option for keeping our baby happy. Yes, I can hold the baby. Yes, I can wear him. Yes, I can lay him on the ground. This is another wonderful option in the rotation to switch up his environment and position.

Especially since I have two other toddlers running around, it gives me peace of mind that he’s safe and happy for a while as I attend to other tasks around the house.

1-two months in the baby bjorn

4. Great Resale Value

Finally, these bouncers aren’t cheap! They cost at least $200, but the good news is you can resell them online (Facebook marketplace is a common choice) for around $100. Getting half of your purchase price back is really not bad for a holy grail baby item.

reselling baby bjorn bouncer on facebook marketplace
The first four items for sale on Facebook Marketplace for a search around Tampa, FL.

People definitely seek out this brand name, so if you buy a less expensive knock-off, I don’t think you’ll actually come out ahead as it may not sell for much online when you’re done.

Why Does the BABYBJÖRN Bouncer Cost So Much?

Ahh, the real question: why on Earth does this simplistic baby bouncer from BABYBJÖRN cost around $200? Some options, like the mesh seat or the bouncer bundled with a toy bar, cost even more (from $250-$310).

Well, the first answer is obvious: because thousands of parents pay that price. We think it’s worth it.

5-baby in baby bjorn

But there are similarly designed bouncers on the market from brands like Baby Delight ($79.99), Maxi-Cosi ($139.99), and Summer ($59.99). What makes BABYBJÖRN so much better than them?

In reality, the BABYBJÖRN Bouncers are probably so pricey because of the brand name. But they also check every box when it comes to a perfect bouncer. They’re durable, easy to transport, and machine-washable. And since these are so well-made, you can pass them down to the next generation or get a really good resale price online.


Are the BABYBJÖRN bouncers worth it? Well, 65% of moms think so, and I do, too. If I had to pin down my Top 5 holy grail baby items for the first 6 months, this would be at the top of that list without a doubt.

Do you have a BABYBJÖRN? Let me know your experience and thoughts in the comments!

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¹Based on a July 2022 Facebook survey in a mom group with 439 total votes. “My baby also loves this thing” or “It’s magic” votes: 65%, “My baby seems kind of neutral” votes: 29%, “Nope, my baby can’t stand it” votes: 6%

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  1. You said “If I had to pin down my Top 5 holy grail baby items for the first 6 months, this would be at the top of that list without a doubt.”

    What are the other top holy grail baby items that you suggest new moms consider getting?

    Your help is much appreciated!

    • Hey! So so sorry it took me so long to reply to your comment! What a hard question!! Looking back on those first 6 months, here are the 5 things that I appreciated/used the most: SNOO, Baby Bjorn, bouncer, Lovevery’s The Looker play kit, Babyletto swivel glider (because I had a c-section), and the 4moms bathtub. This is so hard because I also want to shout out the Hatch sound machine, the Willow hands-free breast pump, and Magnetic Me sleepers… this post lists all of the pricier baby items that I think were worth it. But I hope this answer is helpful!


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