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Lovevery Amazon Alternatives: The Analyst Play Kit for Months 46, 47, and 48

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The last Lovevery play kit.

I sincerely hope Lovevery comes out with play kits for 4-year-olds, because I’m so sad!!!!

These play kits have defined so much of our baby and toddler years, it’s honestly so sad that we’ve made it to the end. Like the end of an era.

So, for now, this is the last Lovevery Amazon Alternatives article in the series. I found some gems – happy shopping and playing!

First Sewing Kit

This first sewing kit from Lovevery is such a cool activity for toddlers! My daughter got a little frustrated at first, as she was just choosing random holes to pull the thread through and it was getting tangled.

But after I modeled it for her, she tried again and started to get the hang of it. She often looked to me to ensure she was doing it correctly, but I saw her confidence building.

Plus, learning how to sew is such a practical skill!

This Sarabeena sewing kit from Amazon is very similar as it includes thread, toddler-safe needles, and fabric with pre-cut holes in it to make practice easy. It might not have that Lovevery aesthetic, but all the tools you need to introduce sewing to your toddler are there.

lovevery vs amazon first sewing kit

Stackable Fraction Cups

Yes, you can just use the regular measuring cups in your kitchen as a good alternative to these fraction cups. But what makes these unique is you can visually see a bit more easily how a half fits into a whole, for example.

That’s why I was so excited to come across these fraction measuring cups. They serve the same function of helping a toddler grasp the concept of fractions, as they can stack them. These are a slam dunk!

lovevery vs amazon fraction cups

Montessori Sensory Box

I could not find a good dupe for this Montessori sensory box on Amazon. There was something similar on Etsy, but at $115, it obviously doesn’t make sense to buy when compared to all the value you get in this kit for $120.

There is a What’s In the Box game on Amazon, which comes with a box and you decide what to put inside, but it’s currently unavailable to purchase. (It’s also “out of stock” at Walmart.)

So, for the first time ever, I cannot find a single good Amazon alternative for a Lovevery toy!

That said, I did find this article that shows you how to make your own DIY sensory box using a recycled cardboard box. It’s really simple and, assuming you have the supplies at home, it’s free.

lovevery vs DIY montessori sensory box

And honestly, if you don’t plan on buying this Lovevery kit, I’d totally recommend DIYing this or just skipping it. Neither of my toddlers have been interested in this toy at all, though that could change. But right now, it’s not an integral part of our toy rotation.

Color Theory Puzzle

Most of the color theory or color wheel puzzles on Amazon are 1000-piece puzzles for adults. And honestly, they look so relaxing and meditative. I might have to snag one for myself.

But the best alternative I could find for this Lovevery puzzle is a primary color mixing puzzle where you can see how the primary colors mix to create secondary colors (and how they can all mix to make black). 

lovevery vs amazon color wheel puzzle

It’s not quite as intricate as the Lovevery version, but this is still a really cool concept that my almost 4-year-old daughter and I practice together often.

I really like this puzzle!

Pattern Match Boats & Cards Set

When we got this Lovevery play kit, this toy was IT. It was the toy my kids immediately gravitated towards.

lovevery boat and cards toy

I’ve never seen anything else like it, so I was not that surprised when I didn’t find anything similar on Amazon.

The best I can do is find a toy that practices the same skill, which is translating a 2D image into a 3D object. This Montessori wooden geoboard accomplishes that by providing pattern cards with rubber bands that you can form on the geoboard to match the pattern on the card.

lovevery vs amazon boat toy

I know this isn’t remotely close to a boat toy, but the learning concepts are very similar, if not the same. So… if you want this particular Lovevery toy, you’ll have to get the whole kit!

‘Quarter, Half, and Whole’ Book

I just love Lovevery books. The images of real kids doing real-life things are mesmerizing for my kids. They read all kinds of books, but my daughter often says these particular ones are her favorites. 

A great alternative that teaches the concept of fractions in a toddler-friendly way is Apple Fractions! One reviewer said they got out a real apple and cut it up along with the book to bring the concept to life.

lovevery vs amazon fractions book

While it is a little more advanced toward the end, you can definitely start introducing these concepts just before age 4. And this book will age well as the more difficult concepts are better for up to age 8+.

Visual Recipe Cards

This kit also comes with several visual recipe cards to do with your toddler. They are simple recipes that even picky eaters will enjoy.

I love visual recipe cards like this, but I honestly would prefer the Amazon alternative I found, which is a hardcover cookbook for toddlers: My First Cookbook by America’s Test Kitchen.

lovevery vs amazon recipe cards

This is durable, and I love how each recipe has clear images of all the steps. I also am a massive fan of America’s Test Kitchen for my own recipes – yes, I pay the yearly subscription to get access to their recipes (they’re THAT good) – so I figure their toddler cookbook is also high-quality.

Amazon vs. Lovevery Price Comparison

I’m really loving all the Amazon alternatives I found for this Lovevery kit! I have the Lovevery kit, but I totally have a few of these items in my cart still…

Here’s a quick price breakdown of the Amazon items, but please be aware that Amazon prices fluctuate, sometimes multiple times a day. Be sure to check the price at the time you’re reading this.

  • First Sewing Kit alternative: $19.99
  • Stackable Fraction Cups alternative: $12.99
  • Montessori Sensory Bin alternative: N/A
  • Color Theory Puzzle alternative: $22.99
  • Pattern Match Boats & Cards Set alternative: $13.99
  • ‘Quarter, Half, and Whole’ Book alternative: $9.99
  • Visual Recipe Cards alternative: $12.69
Lovevery Amazon Alternatives The Analyst Play Kit for Months 46, 47, and 48-PINT

So, I couldn’t find an alternative to the Montessori Sensory Bin, so this price comparison isn’t totally fair. A real dupe from Etsy was listed at $115, but we know the cost of this entire Lovevery play kit is $120, so it would never make sense to purchase that.

Minus the Montessori Sensory Bin, we can recreate the concepts of this Lovevery play kit for $92.64. I really love some of the items from this round – I’m totally snagging that America’s Test Kitchen cookbook for my daughter’s 4th birthday!


I’ve found that trying to recreate some of the older play kits is an increasingly tough mission. Lovevery is super innovative and has put together toys and activities that you just can’t find anywhere else.

I’m sure copycats will be emerging soon, but I think the Analyst play kit for months 46, 47, and 48 is an incredible value.

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