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Monti Kids Changes Subscription Program (2023)

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Monti Kids is no longer selling toys, unfortunately! If you’re looking for great Montessori-style toys, I recommend checking out Lovevery.

I’ve written several Monti Kids reviews here on my blog as I test out each age-based set from the brand. I will continue writing these thorough reviews, especially since the toys are expensive, and you want to know if they’re worth the money.

However, Monti Kids has just announced they’re stopping the subscription program and will sell the sets without the commitment of a subscription.

Monti Kids Subscription Going Away

Starting on February 1, 2023, the Monti Kids program will no longer be a subscription.

None of the toys or toy sets are going away, but you must actively go to the Monti kids website and purchase a new set when your child reaches the next level.

Monti Kids subscription going away

Monti Kids will email you reminding you it’s time to buy the next age-appropriate set, but nothing will be charged or shipped automatically.

Why Is Monti Kids Changing the Subscription Model?

I, for one, really appreciate this change. While it’s convenient to have the sets shipped to you without having to take any action, I don’t particularly appreciate that everything seems to be a subscription nowadays. Costs add up, and sometimes, you forget what you’ve subscribed to.

Being able to intentionally go to the website, review the play set, and decide you want it, is great for the consumer.

Props to Monti Kids for listening to their customers and meeting our needs.

Pricing Updates

The price of the Monti Kids sets has gone through several changes over the 12 months or so. When I bought the first set, it cost me nearly $300. When they changed their program, it went down to $195. (That one stung.)

Now, you can purchase the sets for anywhere between $215-$275. Each set is priced individually to reflect the type of items included, which I really like.

monti kids play sets

If one play set seems a little smaller or cheaper than another, the price reflects that. In the past, each set was priced the same, regardless of what was inside.

Note: If you were a Monti Kids subscriber in the past, you’ll get a promo code to continue purchasing the sets for $195, even after the subscription model ends on February 1, 2023. You’re basically grandfathered in.

Coaching & Online Courses

One thing I’ve always loved about the Monti Kids program is the online courses that are included at no cost. These video lessons go over each toy in your set and show you how to introduce it and use it to maximize learning and development.

Monti Kids online video course-min

These courses will still be available to you when you purchase a set. You’ll also still get one free video coaching session per set and unlimited email support from our team of AMI-certified Montessori teachers.

Don’t sleep on this stuff – it really enhances the sets and you get your money’s worth!


I love that Monti Kids has stepped away from the subscription model and is allowing their customers to decide when and what to purchase.

I’ll continue to review each play set on my blog as I go through the entire program with my 10-month-old son. You can check out this evolving series here.

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  1. Well, that sure didn’t take long for them to completely change even this so that they don’t even sell their toys anymore. So freaking mad!

    • Same. I loved these toys and would’ve bought more boxes if I had known they’d stop selling them. I’m an affiliate with Monti Kids and they didn’t even send us an email at all about it. Super disappointing.


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