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Zipadee-Zip Review: Is This Sleep Sack Worth It?

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Are you looking for a swaddle transition solution? The Zipadee-Zip is an arms-up sleep slack that keeps babies warm without unsafe blankets.

This sleep sack also allows them to roll over safely, and for many parents, it provides better, deeper sleep.

So, is the Zipadee-Zip swaddle transition worth the price?

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What Is the Zipadee-Zip?

The Zipadee-Zip, a swaddle transition, is one of four sleepwear solutions made by the brand Sleeping Baby. The brand also makes classic swaddles, Zippy Freedom (an armless sleeper), and pajamas.

The Zipadee-Zip fabric is ultra soft and thin, making it cozy but also breathable. It’s meant to be flexible enough that a baby can roll from back to stomach, and vice versa, safely. 

Baby tummy time in zipadee-zip
Photo Credit: Zipadee-Zip

It also provides comfort and warmth without having to put blankets in the crib, which is a suffocation hazard until about 12 months of age.

This swaddle transition helps prevent the startle reflex, which can jolt babies awake without warning. 

Plus, a lot of babies like to have their arms up, near their mouths, as it helps them to settle and sleep better. This sleep sack allows for that position, but it also protects baby’s hands from scratching her face during sleep.

Arms up swaddle transition
Photo Credit: Zipadee-Zip

Zipadee-Zip Unboxing & First Impressions

Zipadee-Zips cost $35.95 from the Sleeping Baby website. Note: Save 15% on your order with code ALLTHESLEEPS15! Mine arrived in a nice zippered bag, neatly folded.

Sleeping Baby included a card with tips on how to use it, which I found really helpful.

My first impression when I unfolded the Zipadee-Zip was, “Holy cow, this thing is huge!”

zipadee-zip unfolded

We ordered a Size Medium (6-12 months, 18-26 lbs), and it looked twice as big as my baby. I was eager to try it on my little one to see if it somehow fit better than I was anticipating.

UPDATE: My baby is now 7 months old, and this size is perfect! There’s plenty of room to grow, but it’s not overly huge.

I appreciate the flap that covers the top of the zipper, and I loved how soft and breathable the fabric felt.

Trying on the Zipadee-Zip

I laid my baby next to the Zipadee-Zip swaddle transition, and yes – it was twice the size of him at just under 6 months!

baby next to zipadee-zip

He was about 18 pounds at this time, which was on the low end of the swaddle size (18-26 lbs for a Medium).

There was a lot of extra fabric at the bottom, but his arms actually fit pretty nicely in the upper portion of the sleep sack. Yes, there’s room to grow, but it wasn’t overly big.

Since this swaddle transition is almost like having a blanket on your baby, I was honestly fine with how much extra fabric there was.

It just gives us more room to grow, meaning this swaddle transition will last even longer.

UPDATE: This is totally true! My baby is now 7 months, and he has grown so much. This swaddle transition now fits so much better but there’s still plenty of room to grow. I honestly forgot just how FAST infants grow!

Zipadee-Zip and the SNOO

My baby first used this sleep sack in the SNOO.

To use the Zipadee-Zip – or any arms-up sleep sack – in the SNOO, you velcro the middle strap around baby and zip up the SNOO sleep sack until it reaches close to the armpits.

snoo baby in zipadee-zip

I was honestly surprised at how much our baby loved this setup. We would switch up what we did based on how he responded (the Zipadee-Zip, the SNOO swaddle as directed, one arm out, both arms out). However, every time we land on the Zipadee-Zip, I could tell he really enjoyed it!

baby sleeping in zipadee-zip in SNOO

Zipadee-Zip In a Crib or Pack-and-Play

After the SNOO, we transitioned into a pack-and-play as we were still working on his room.

I don’t know what we would’ve done without this sleep sack. It keeps him cozy, but it allows him to roll over and move about.

zipadee zip in pack and play

It’s the perfect way to keep baby warm and cozy without using blankets or creating an unsafe sleeping situation.

Now, his room is ready and he’s sleeping super well in his crib. When I lay him in the crib without a swaddle transition like this one, he won’t settle and continues to cry. As soon as we zip this on, he settles down and can soothe himself.

We’re finally getting super long stretches during the night, and he’s sleeping through the night more often than not. Praise God!!

Zipadee-Zip FAQs

What should baby wear under the Zipadee-Zip?

Babies should wear a bodysuit or light PJs under the Zipadee-Zip. If your baby runs hot, maybe just do a simple, short-sleeved onesie. If your baby runs cold, do lightweight pajamas. I’d definitely steer clear of anything thick or heavy, like a fleece sleeper.

When do you stop using the Zipadee-Zip?

The Zipadee-Zip is suitable for 8-34+ lbs! The brand recommends starting around 3 months (no earlier), or whenever your baby starts to roll. Keep in mind the rolling over milestone varies from baby to baby. You can buy a Zipadee-Zip in sizes XS (3-6 months) all the way up to XL (2-3T). As long as your little one is comforted and sleeping well, why mess with a good thing?

What size of Zipadee-Zip do I need?

I recommend buying a Zipadee-Zip based on the weight of your baby. Here’s a quick sizing chart:
XS: 8-13 lbs
S: 12-19 lbs
M: 18-26 lbs
L: 26-34 lbs
XL: 34+ lbs

What age is appropriate for the Zipadee-Zip?

The Zipadee-Zip is best suited, in my opinion, for babies coming out of a traditional swaddle who can’t yet have blankets in the crib. The sweet spot for the Zipadee-Zip is 3-12 months, but you can get sizes that fit up to 2-3T.

Can you use the Zipadee-Zip in the SNOO?

We definitely used the Zipadee-Zip in the SNOO. Close the inner band around the baby’s chest, leaving the hands outside. Then, zip up the zippered sack as far as you can. I doubt this method would ever be endorsed or approved by SNOO, but I and thousands of other moms use this method (just join a SNOO Mamas group to see our ways!).


If you’re ready to transition your baby out of a traditional swaddle, definitely take a look at the Zipadee-Zip. Many parents report getting 2+ more hours of sleep at night because of this thing!

Note: Save 15% on your order with code ALLTHESLEEPS15.

Have you ever tried the Zipadee-Zip? Let me know in the comments!

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