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I Lost 35 Pounds With Semaglutide – Results & Insider Info


This is my semaglutide results story. About a year ago, I had somewhat of a breakdown.

My body insecurity was worse than ever before as I kept trying to find new maneuvers to make my body seem smaller than it was.

Yes, I had three pregnancies over the last five years. Yes, I went through three major surgeries to have those babies. And yes, I breastfed those babies for a combined 3.5 years.

But still – I was over a year postpartum with my last child, I was done breastfeeding, and I had made exactly zero progress toward my pre-baby body.

I was in this cycle of self-sabotage, logging my meals in MyFitnessPal and churning out Peloton rides just to give in to overpowering food cravings before bed.

It should be easy. Eat fewer calories than you burn, and you’ll lose weight.

But I couldn’t do it. The food noise was loud, and the more I thought about the foods I should avoid, the more I wanted them.

I asked my doctor if the weight loss medications I’d been hearing about all over social media were worth considering.

His swift reply? Definitely.

I promptly started my 12-week sprint to kicking the rest of the baby weight, which primarily included semaglutide injections. Within a few weeks, the food noise was silent, and I started to see the scale move.

Here’s my semaglutide story, plus answers to all of the questions your doctor probably won’t answer honestly.

semaglutide collection

What Semaglutide Is + How It Works

Semaglutide is a medication used to treat type 2 diabetes and obesity. It belongs to a class of drugs called glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) receptor agonists.

You can read up on all the specifics of how the drug works, but here’s the short of it: it makes you feel full faster.

Seriously, just eating a few bites of dinner will make you feel stuffed.

Catherine Gervacio, Registered Dietician and nutrition writer for Living.Fit, explains that semagltuide helps control blood sugar levels, especially after we eat.

“It works by acting like a natural hormone called GLP-1 in our body. It can make your brain think that your stomach is full, so you don’t feel as hungry,” she explains.

semaglutide vial
Semaglutide vial from Henry Meds

I found that my mid-afternoon snack-y hunger pangs were gone about 3-4 weeks after starting semaglutide.

My Doctor’s Semaglutide Program

My doctor, a concierge doctor local to me, created a 12-week weight loss program that includes semaglutide. While it’s the main component, it’s not the only one in the plan.

Here’s everything that was in the plan:

  • 6 total IV infusions: full of vitamins and metabolism boosters
first iv infusion
First infusion
  • Weekly MIC B-12 injection: this is B-12 in addition to Methionine, Inositol and Choline. This blend helps with weight loss and energy.
  • Nightly injection of sermorelin: causes release of growth hormone from the pituitary gland; helped keep my skin tight as I lost weight.
  • Half dose of phentermine each day: I will add as a disclaimer that my doctor is not a fan of phentermine. He had me cut the lowest dose in half, and he only wanted me to take the phentermine for the 12-week period—no longer.
  • Daily supplement called Lipo Burn: provides nutrients for the proper metabolism of fats and cholesterol. I personally had to stop taking the Lipo Burn as it gave me nausea.

It sounds like a lot, but all of this was done under my doctor’s supervision, with weekly in-person appointments. I also had routine bloodwork done to ensure I was not experiencing any negative effects internally.

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How to Get Semaglutide Online

If you’re serious about losing weight, I would recommend asking your doctor about it like I did. It’s best to go in person and get bloodwork done throughout your journey to ensure you stay as healthy as possible.

That said, I know not everyone has this as an option, so I did a lot of research.

My top suggestion for getting semaglutide online is through Henry Meds (not sponsored). It’s convenient, and you get medical supervision via telehealth.

close up of vial with syringe

Henry Meds Semaglutide

With Henry Meds, you complete medical forms online, do a telehealth visit, and receive your medications in the mail.

I contacted Henry Meds and asked them to send me a sample kit so I could show you what you will recieve.

The medications come in a well-insulated box. While you’re ordering from Henry Meds, the actual mediations and supplies are coming from Tailor Made Compounding.

In the box, you will get syringes, the semaglutide medication, and alcohol wipes.

The syringes I got from my doctor were pre-filled with semaglutide, but you’ll need to do that part yourself when you order online. Don’t worry – Henry Meds has some really clear instructional videos on their website.

Here’s what the Henry Meds syringe looks like (left) compared to the syringe I got from my doctor (right).

henry meds syringe vs my doctors syringe

Semaglutide Cost

Semaglutide is expensive, no matter where you go. The 12-week plan I talked about earlier was $2,400 for 12 weeks, which breaks down to $800 per month. Yes, I know it’s a lot.

After the 12 weeks were over, I wanted to do a little bit longer of just the semaglutide to kick off the last of the baby weight. The price for just semaglutide is $350 per month from my doctor. (It was $300 per month but just recently went up to $350 thanks to a price increase from the supplier.)

If you choose to get semaglutide from Henry Meds, the price is $297 per month.

My Doctor’s 12-Week Plan
Just Semaglutide From My Doctor
Henry Meds

The Ramp Up – Be Patient

It takes a few weeks, possibly even 1-2 months, to reach your ideal weight loss dose. Consider this initial period of time a ramp-up.

Lisa Richards, nutritionist and author of the Candida Diet, says that clinical studies have shown many people start experiencing appetite suppression within the first few weeks of starting treatment, but it could take longer.

“Generally, significant appetite suppression with semaglutide is observed within 12 to 16 weeks of consistent use,” she says.

I didn’t see much progress in the first few weeks until I worked up to a higher dose. My doctor explained that this gradual increase is to ensure you don’t have any pancreas issues (like pancreatitis), which are often tipped off by side-effects, like nausea.

I found I only had nausea when I drank alcohol, which was actually somewhat welcome. My desire to have a few High Noons at the end of the day vanished when I was on semaglutide, and it has never returned fully.

Losing Weight With Semaglutide

When I started seeing the scale drop, I was literally ecstatic. The progress I had yearned for for so many months – years, even – was finally happening.

My thoughts weren’t constantly drawn to snacks or what’s for dinner, and I found myself forgetting to eat on occasion, which I had literally never done in my entire life.

Junk food started making my stomach twist, and I craved protein, veggies, and fruit.

I’ve heard other people talk about this, especially on TikTok, but it’s like some magical switch went off that completely erased my obsession with food.

It was so freeing. Week after week, I saw the scale slowly drop. I felt my jeans go from too tight to just right to too loose.

after weight loss full body mirror
After I lost most of the weight – also, I can’t take a normal mirror photo. 🤪

I started ordering clothes that were more fitted instead of large and baggy. I stopped holding my arm over my stomach, which I have done for as long as I can remember.

My husband felt my energy shift from on edge to relaxed—confident even.

If you have weight to lose and are making zero progress, I cannot recommend semaglutide enough.

Semaglutide Weight Loss Results

To be perfectly honest, I did take some before-and-afters that showed my stomach, but I’m just not comfortable posting it on the internet.

That said, I think this photo, where I wear the same dress, shows pretty well how my body has changed since losing weight with semaglutide.

I lost 35 pounds total, and I’m really happy where I am now.

Even though my BMI is just barely normal (.1 away from being overweight), I feel great, I’m more confident than ever, and my clothes finally feel like they fit.

Am I in love with my body? No. I’ll probably never be, especially after going through a nearly 100-pound swing from the height of my first pregnancy to now.

But am I content? Yes. And I’m working really hard on learning to love my body just the way it is.

Nutritionist’s Opinions on Semaglutide

Obviously, my doctor is a fan of semaglutide for weight loss. As am I.

However, I also spoke to two dietitians to gather their perspectives on the sometimes polarizing drug.

Their consensus? Cautious optimism with an emphasis on having a long-term plan after the semaglutide to maintain your weight.

Gervacio says, “As a registered dietitian, my general feelings about it are cautious optimism. While research has shown promising results in terms of weight reduction, individual health conditions, potential side effects, and the need for a comprehensive approach to weight management, including a balanced diet and regular physical activity is still important. Therefore, it is not for all.”

Richards took a similar approach: “My feelings about semaglutide for weight loss are mixed but cautiously optimistic. On one hand, semaglutide has shown promising results in clinical trials. However, it’s essential to approach the use of semaglutide for weight loss with caution and a comprehensive understanding of its limitations. While the medication can facilitate initial weight loss, it should ideally be used as part of a broader approach that includes lifestyle modifications and behavior change.

My Weight After Semaglutide

About a month after I started the 12-week program, I hired a personal trainer.

It’s been about ~8 months since then, and I’m still going strong. My husband does it with me, and we work out 3x per week.

after weight loss personal training

I feel strong, and I know the muscle we’ve built is helping me keep my weight stable. I find I can eat more than I used to without seeing the scale go absolutely crazy on me.

I also feel the lingering effects of that food noise being gone. I’m less obsessed with food, in general. Those months of being on the drug helped me form healthier habits and a better attitude toward food.

I also got so used to eating tiny portions that the habit has really stuck. I put less food on my plate and pay more attention when I feel full.

I’m dangerously close to what I weighed in high school, which blows my mind. I weigh less now than I did before I started having kids six years ago. I never, ever thought I would say that.

And I feel stronger and healthier than ever. And I wear crop tops sometimes. Also never thought I’d say that. 😂

Semaglutide FAQs

How long does it take for semaglutide to suppress appetite?

I started experiencing appetite suppression after about 4 weeks, but you should notice a significant difference at around the 12 to 16 week-mark.

Where do you inject semaglutide?

I always injected semaglutide in the lower part of my stomach, in the fatty area on either side of my belly button. But this flyer from Henry Meds shows you other possible places you can inject it.

where to inject semaglutide

How do you inject semaglutide?

First, you rub a small area on the lower part of your belly with rubbing alcohol. Then, grab the lower part of the belly, quickly stick the needle into the skin, push the injection in, and remove the needle.

How do you get semaglutide?

I got semaglutide through my concierge doctor, and I recommend asking your doctor about it. You can also look at weight loss clinics in your area. For an online option, I recommend Henry Meds.

Where can I buy semaglutide online?

You can buy semaglutide online from Henry Meds for $297 per month.

How long does it take for semaglutide to work?

I started seeing small results from semaglutide within about 2 weeks, with the most significant results beginning at about the 4-week mark. If you start out at a small dose and take longer to increase it, you may find that it takes up to 12 weeks to start seeing results.

How much does semaglutide cost?

Semaglutide isn’t covered by insurance if you’re buying it for weight loss. I’ve found that it typically costs between $297-$350. The price has been going up slightly due to an increase in demand.

What color is semaglutide?

Semaglutide is clear.

How much weight can you lose on semaglutide in 3 months?

I personally lost about 25 pounds when I took semaglutide for 3 months. Over the next few months, I lost an additional 10 pounds.

How much semaglutide do I take?

Your doctor will determine how much semaglutide you should take for weight loss. Richards shares that the recommended starting dose of semaglutide for weight loss is 0.25 mg once weekly, which may be increased to 0.5 mg once weekly after four weeks if tolerated. Some individuals may eventually require a higher dose of 1.0 mg once weekly to achieve optimal weight loss outcomes.

My personal dose at the height of my weight loss journey was 1.2mg.

collection of semaglutide syringes

What’s the difference between semaglutide, Ozempic, Wegovy, and Maunjaro?

Ozempic is the brand name for semaglutide, and according to Gervacio, it’s the most popular choice since it has shown the most promise for weight loss.

Wegovy is a higher-dose formulation of semaglutide specifically approved for weight management in individuals without diabetes. Finally, Maunjaro (liraglutide) is just another brand that does the same thing.

Richards shares that clinical trials have suggested semaglutide may lead to slightly greater weight loss compared to liraglutide. However, both medications have demonstrated significant weight loss effects and can be effective options for individuals struggling with obesity.

How do you store semaglutide?

You store semaglutide in the fridge.

How do you travel with semaglutide?

My husband and I went to Iceland when I was on semaglutide, and I bought an insulin travel case, also called a diabetic medication cooler. This is the one I purchased, and it worked perfectly for traveling internationally with my semaglutide injections.

How fast do you lose weight on semaglutide?

I personally found that, on average, I lost about 2 pounds per week when I was on semaglutide. It ebbed and flowed a bit, but that was the average.

What time of day do you take semaglutide?

I always took my semaglutide injections in the morning.

Doesn’t the needle freak you out when injecting semaglutide?

The needle is so tiny that you can’t even feel it when you stick your stomach. I did have practice with injections as I was on blood thinners with my first pregnancy, but even had I not had that experience, I wouldn’t have been freaked out about semaglutide injections. Once you do it once or twice, it’s no big deal.

another view at the needle size

I also saw that Henry Meds offers semaglutide in an oral tablet form, which could be something to consider.


Semaglutide may not be for everyone, but if you’ve been trying to lose weight to no avail, I’d really urge you to ask your doctor about it or look into Henry Meds.

Semaglutide changed my life, and I will be forever grateful.

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